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Womens body type diet, female body types dietMens body type diet, male body types diet

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Through her extensive clinical experience Dr. Mein has pinpointed how essential oils can be used to shape your attitude and remake your psychological and emotional make up. By placing certain oils on specific "alarm points" in the body, you can learn to cope with despair, gain self-acceptance and even cope with addictions...
-- Young Living Newsletter
As a health and fitness educator and fat burning researcher, I am very impressed with Dr. Mein’s work. Different Bodies, Different Diets is one of the most comprehensive books I have ever read. Anyone interested in learning the exact specifics about their body type and constitution should add this book to their library. I especially enjoyed the way she encourages everyone to eat ample quantities of essential fats and oils, and that high cholesterol levels are primarily due to stress, not egg yolks – thus destroying the low fat diet myth. Thank you, Dr. Mein, for your landmark book. I feel that this world will greatly benefit from your health and nutritional wisdom.
-- Jay Robb, Author of The Fat Burning Diet
This book is a genuine tribute to women. I highly recommend this material to every woman who pursues her health and well-being with consciousness and integrity.
-- Caroline M. Myss, Ph.D., Author of Anatomy of the Spirit
An entire health care system that is unique, comprehensive and practical. Dr. Mein gives importance to the very basics which traditional medicine usually ignores. Its detailed inclusion of ”how to” specifics makes it useful for creating a daily program that can be followed by any reader who is seeking to improve their health and longevity.
-- David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., Author of Power Versus Force
Congratulations on an excellent body of work ”embodied” in your observations of different body types and dietary relationships.
-- George J. Goodheart, D.C., Discoverer and Developer of Applied Kinesiology
Dr. Mein, after 20 years of observations and helping thousands of women regain their health, has produced a unique system of understanding metabolism.
-- John F. Thie, B.S., D.C., Author and Founder of Touch for Health
Founding Chairman of the International College of Applied Kinesiology
I have been using body typing in my office for many years, but never to the extent and detail that Dr. Mein has brought forth in this book. Dr. Mein is to be congratulated for the tremendous work that went into putting this book together. I previously was often confronted with the problem that a patient didn’t fit into an exact body type or was a mixture of types that I was using. Now, with the 25 types detailed as they are, the confusion is no longer present.
-- Sheldon C. Deal, N.D., D.C., President, International College of Applied Kinesiology

The 25 Body Type System
provides the most Individualized
Diet and Weight Loss Plan

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Womens body type diet, female body types diet
  • Lose, Gain, or Maintain Your Ideal Weight
  • Achieve Your Ideal Body Shape
  • Eliminate Food Cravings Forever
  • Increase Energy, Stamina and Focus
  • Discover Your Most Supportive Foods & Exercise
Mens body type diet, male body types diet

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