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Vegetarians and the 25 Body Type Diet

Vegetarian Diets – Good for Some, Not for Everyone

Vegetarian diets are not for everyone. Of the 25 body types, only 13 can obtain adequate nourishment from a vegetarian diet. Their bodies can receive sufficient protein by eating only plant or dairy foods. Of the 13 types who are able to stay healthy on a vegetarian diet, the percentage of dense protein (eggs, fish, chicken, beef, pork) they might comfortably assimilate ranges from a low of zero to 10% for the Adrenal, Gonadal, and Pancreas, to a high of 30% for the Pituitary. The 12 body types who cannot get the protein they need from a vegetarian lifestyle range from requiring a minimum of 5-25% dense protein for Blood types to a high of 10-40% for Eye types. The average range for most types is 10-30%

Unlike some diet plans, The 25 Body Type System doesn't force you to choose between following a diet and honoring your vegetarian beliefs. In fact, just because dense protein appears on the sample menu for your body type, it doesn't mean you have to eat it. It simply means you’ll need to obtain protein from another source.

And it’s easy to enhance your diet:

• If your protein levels are too low and you're feeling lethargic, you can restore your energy by eating additional concentrated protein sources. Refer to the Ultra-Support and Basic Support Foods list in Different Bodies, Different Diets and create meals which emphasize the vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains and fruit most beneficial to you.

• If you are wondering whether all vegetables are good for you, the answer is they may not be. Study which vegetarian foods and beverages stress your body and should be avoided.

• If you’re feeling like you're in a food rut, Different Bodies, Different Diets suggests alternative foods, meal times, and menus for satisfying your appetite and supplying the nutrients your vegetarianism needs.

Perhaps you're frustrated with a vegetarian diet, piling high on salads while staving off cravings for beef and steak. If your body type requires dense protein, like the Thyroid, eating vegetarian cuisine will cause less than ideal results. You may experience weight gain where you desire to lose it, and lose weight where you want to keep it. You may feel tired and hungry most of the time, causing you to become irritated and grumpy.

If you’re not feeling your best, consider eating a small amount of dense protein, noticing whether you experience an energy boost thereafter. If so, consider incorporating additional meat meals into your diet for optimum health. Be sure to proceed gradually as your body needs time to adjust. You can thrive as a vegetarian!

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Womens body type diet, female body types dietMens body type diet, male body types diet
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