The Body Type Diet

The Blood Body Type Diet

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Blood body type diet, characteristics and personality traits

Women with Blood body type have expressive, receptive eyes that immediately draw attention to the face. Can range petite to tall, with medium bone structure. Solid torso with straight-to-defined waist, often short waisted. Average, elongated musculature with little definition. Initial weight gain is in lower abdomen, upper hips, waist, and upper thighs. Weight gain over 20 pounds is carried in torso including entire back.

Blood body type diet, characteristics and personality traits

Men with Blood body type can range from short to tall, with medium bone structure. Usually high forehead with receding hairline. Shoulders relatively even with, or moderately broader than, hips. Muscular definition in torso is moderate-to-difficult to attain. Initial weight gain is softer, relaxed musculature in lower abdomen, often covered with a soft layer of skin, as soft rolls or soft thickening of the waist.

Key Nutritional Support for the Blood Body Type

  • Emphasize protein for lunch to prevent fatigue, and carbohydrates, such as pasta and rice, for dinner
  • Avoid olive oil
  • May include fruit for breakfast but not with lunch or dinner
  • Clear emotional stress
  • Best fat sources: avocados, chicken, fish, cheese and pumpkin seeds
  • Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day. Drink water before and after meals, not with meals
  • To rebuild body, focus on protein, particularly chicken and fish with vegetables
  • Occasional desserts are best as an evening snack
  • Broth soups are easy to digest; use low sodium
  • Consume a minimum of 4 ounces of dense protein 3 times a week
  • Generally, Blood body types experience fatigue when not consuming enough protein
  • The following foods support the body only when eaten in these combinations: Eggs and Swiss cheese, Beef and eggs, Beef and rice, Ham and tomato. These should be consumed not more than once a week. Other foods may be added to these combinations
  • Turkey w/celery, mustard, or bacon may be consumed up to 5x / week

Key Weight Loss Points for the Blood Body Type

  • Eliminate all dairy (except butter), including cheese, yogurt and milk
  • Reduce breads
  • Avoid vegetable oils
  • Avoid mayonnaise: may use creamy Italian dressing as a substitute

Celebrities with a Blood Body Type include:
Roma Downey, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicholson, Phylicia Rashad

When Energy is Low, Blood Body Types Crave:

Sweets – ice cream (especially chocolate), cookies, chocolates; carbohydrates – pasta, spaghetti, popcorn; sometimes spicy foods, as they act as stimulants; beef, ham, turkey, or eggs by themselves (certain combinations including these foods are acceptable)

Blood Body Type Diet - Foods to Avoid

A partial list of Unsupportive Foods for the Blood Body Type include: Beef, milk, half-and-half, ice cream, cheddar cheese, trail mix, parsley, spinach, melons such as honeydew, strawberries, honey, sugar, maple syrup, mayonnaise, corn chips, coffee, red wine, beer, liqueurs, gin, scotch, whiskey, margaritas, sodas, salty foods, fried foods.

Recommended Exercise for the Blood Body Type

Moderate exercise helps to lose or maintain weight, and improve vascular integrity. Heavy exercise often contraindicated. Best activities are swimming, rebounding, walking, bicycling, and dancing.

Complete nutritional and dietary details including food lists and sample menus, as well as the complete personality profile, are contained in the 60-page Blood Body Type Profile and Diet book and ebook.

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