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The Skin Body Type Diet

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Skin body type diet, characteristics and personality traits

Women with Skin body type presnet a soft, gentle appearance with a full face which is oval or round. They characteristically have a square, flat upper back with a relatively straight torso, and shoulders relatively even with hips. Height may range from petite to tall. Even at ideal weight, puffiness in hands and feet obscures tendons. Weight gain begins in lower abdomen, upper hips, waist, middle back, face, and upper thighs.

Skin body type diet, characteristics and personality traits

Men with Skin body type have medium-to-large bone structure and a round or oval face. They characteristically have a square, flat upper back. They have a thick, straight torso, typically with slender legs, and shoulders relatively even with hips. A soft layer of fat under skin covers muscle, minimizing muscular definition. Excess weight is often a problem later in life, and weight is predominantly carried in torso in the front. Hair loss pattern is frontal with rising forehead, or minimal receding at upper sides.

Key Nutritional Support for the Skin Body Type

  • Extremely sensitive to foods that have been altered (e.g., microwaved, engineered)
  • Avoid bread and meat combinations
  • Heavier protein for lunch
  • Avoid refined cane sugar, as it can cause muscle degeneration and weight gain
  • Best fat sources: almonds, sunflower and sesame seeds, tahini, avocados, olive oil, fish, meat, and poultry
  • Brown or wild rice with vegetables
  • Avoid these combinations: protein and fruit, protein and citrus or acids (meat and tomato sauce), two proteins (meat and milk or cream sauce), and acids and starches (vinegar on rice)
  • Eat melons alone
  • Dairy foods often interfere with memory: especially avoid them for dinner

Key Weight Loss Points for the Skin Body Type

  • Eliminate refined sugar, alcohol, dairy, breads (because of yeast and sweetener), and reduce salt
  • Reduce quantity of food: use variety and rotate
  • Avoid snacks; if you need to snack, an evening snack is best
  • Stretch at least 15 minutes per day

Celebrities with a Skin Body Type include:
Queen Latifah, Kevin James, Luciano Pavarotti, Camryn Manheim, Sidney Poitier, Della Reese, Selena Gomez, Adele, Drew Barrymore, James Van Praagh

When Energy is Low, Skin Body Types Crave:

Chocolate (can easily become addictive), carbohydrates, like chocolate with nuts, cookies, candy, ice cream, bagels, or rice; protein, such as shrimp, chicken, beef, and fish.

Skin Body Type Diet - Foods to Avoid

A partial list of Unsupportive Foods for the Skin Body Type include: Eggs (alone), milk, frozen yogurt, ice cream, goat cheese, grapefruit, hone, sugar, saccharin, artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Nutrasweet, mayonnaise, margarine, chocolate desserts, caffeinated beverages such as coffee or diet sodas.

Recommended Exercise for the Skin Body Type

Stretching, for 15 minutes each day is by far the most beneficial; helpful exercises include walking, swimming, Tai Chi, and dancing. Repetitive movement exercise, like aerobics, can cause excessive muscle fatigue. Weight lifting builds muscle mass.

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