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The Lymph Body Type Diet

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Lymph body type diet, characteristics and personality traits

Lymph body type women range from very petite to average in height. They have an athletic build and attractive, well-proportioned face and body. They have small to medium bone structure, with rounded or prominent buttocks and a defined waist. Shoulders are even with, or broader than hips, with strong abdominal muscles and thighs. Weight gain is in lower body, beginning with upper thighs, buttocks and possibly hips.

Lymph body type diet, characteristics and personality traits

Lymph body type men have an athletic, muscular build with broad shoulders and slender legs. May range from average to tall, with medium bone structure. Long, strong back and strong abdominal muscles. Easy to attain muscular definition in upper body, while legs and calves remain thin to average. Weight gain begins as solid thickening of waist, or as musculature in abdomen.

Key Nutritional Support for the Lymph Body Type

  • Limit vegetables for lunch; salads are best at dinner
  • Organic fruits, vegetables, and grains are best
  • May use protein powders and/or protein bars with nuts
  • Snacks are often supportive; may be included in 6 meals
  • Emphasize nuts, seeds, and avocados
  • Best fat sources: sunflower seeds, almonds, pecans, avocados, butter, kefir, fish (especially salmon), chicken, turkey, and Cornish game hen
  • Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day; drink water before and after meals, not with meals
  • Occasional desserts are best as an evening snack
  • Eat carrots, rice, and adequate protein
  • Spicy foods (Thai spices, salsa, or cayenne pepper)

Key Weight Loss Points for the Lymph Body Type

  • Eliminate all dairy except butter
  • Reduce breads
  • If fat from appropriate sources falls below 20 percent of daily calories, weight loss will be inhibited

Celebrities with a Lymph Body Type include:
Jada Pinkett Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise, Heather Locklear, Jane Fonda, Mikhail Baryshnikov, David Beckham, Lindsey Vonn, Bob Harper, Sean Connery, Hugh Jackman

When Energy is Low, Lymph Body Types Crave:

Sweets, such as chocolate, ice cream, pastries; carbohydrates, like breads, rice, pasta, chips, potatoes; spicy foods, such as Thai or Szechuan, salsa; protein, such as yogurt and chicken; generally don’t care to eat when stressed.

Lymph Body Type Diet - Foods to Avoid

A partial list of Unsupportive Foods for the Lymph Body Type include: Chemical-fed meats including beef, pork, bacon, ham, sausage, veal, chicken, or turkey; pasteurized milk, frozen yogurt, ice cream, pumpkin or sesame seeds, whole wheat including breads and crackers, wheat bran or germ, broccoflower, hothouse tomatoes, fructose, honey, molasses, sugar, maple syrup, artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Nutrasweet, catsup, margarine, coffee, sodas and diet sodas.

Recommended Exercise for the Lymph Body Type

Exercising at least 1 hour every other day is essential. Lymphatic activation requires all-over movement, such as walking, although not necessarily vigorously, for 20 minutes, 5 times a week. Variety is important. Sufficient vigorous exercise may be obtained in 15 minutes, from activities such as hiking, bicycling, roller-blading, yoga, Callanetics, dancing, aerobics, stair-stepping, tennis, racquetball, swimming, diving, running, or weight training.

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