The Body Type Diet

Frequently Asked Questions about Dieting

What is the 25 Body Type Diet?

Dr. Carolyn Mein studied the glandular body types of older body type diets – adrenal, gonadal, pituitary and thyroid – and attempted to apply them to her own patients. She quickly discovered that most appeared to be a hybrid of multiple types. Through her own research, involving thousands of test subjects, she discovered a total of 25 unique body types. These types were specific and consistent, with unique body type diets, and with this system she was able to advise on nutrition and weight loss. The 25 Body Type System was released in 1998 with the publication of “Different Bodies, Different Diets.”

How can there be 25 distinct body types when there are only 3 or 4 somatypes or ayervedic types?

Older body type systems name 3 or 4 different body types – with most people identifying as a hybrid of 2 types. The 25 Body Type System eliminates the vagueness by identifying all 25 types. In her own research involving thousands of test subjects, Dr. Carolyn Mein identified 25 unique body types based upon the dominant gland, organ or system. This allows for very specific nutrition and weight loss diets for each body type.

What are the main differences between body types?

The 25 types are very distinct. Each body type has distinguishing physical characteristics such as bodily proportions, musculature, and weight gain areas. Differences also include best time of day to eat (especially fruit & protein), what to eat (the ebook for each body type includes extensive food lists and sample menus), and when and how to exercise.

Do all body types lose weight with the same diet?

Not at all - as you've probably discovered by now. Each body type achieves weight loss differently. Most diet programs are based on low-fat or low-carbs. But some body types will actually gain weight if their intake of healthy fats falls below a threshold. The 25 Body Type System does not advocate diets – but provides unique guidelines for each body type on how to lose weight without compromising proper and adequate nutrition for their type.

How can I determine what my body type is?

The fastest and easiest way to determine your body type is with our online body type test, which provides you with a 60-page ebook for your body type when you have completed the test. There are 2 separate tests – the female body type test and the male body type test.

Can I be a healthy vegetarian?

Only about half of the 25 body types can get adequate nourishment from a vegetarian diet. When balanced and healthy, their bodies can obtain sufficient protein from eating only plant and dairy foods.

Can I lose weight by eating only raw fruits and vegetables?

This is true for some body types, but not all. For many body types, a raw food diet can stress the body, causing it to produce excess hormones which are then deposited in weight gain areas.

Can I lose weight by skipping meals?

Skipping meals may actually lower your metabolic rate – making weight loss harder. Your body interprets missed meals as starvation, and will pack extra fat.

Should I avoid eating fats?

Actually, healthy fats are good for you. Your body needs them to stay healthy. Fatty acids which are essential to your health must be supplied by the foods you eat. A deficit of fatty acids will result in skin problems and low stamina. The development of a callous around the heel of the foot is a symptom of poor fat assimilation.

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