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Body Type Personality Profiles

When I look at the basic nature of a person, I consider four traits: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We are born with two of these traits dominant, which defines how we perceive the world and interact with others. The other two traits are recessive, and we develop them as we grow. Together, the four combinations of these traits describe the 4 quadrants of the personality spectrum.

Understanding the Quadrants

Being more “mental” than “emotional” doesn’t mean we don’t feel or experience our emotions – it means that we trust what we think about a situation more than our feelings about it. A “mental” will typically make an informed, logical decision before a “gut” decision. The more information that supports the decision, the more confidant the decision becomes. An emotional type will trust a decision that “feels” right regardless of information that’s available.

Likewise, being more “physical” than “spiritual” isn’t about a belief system – it means we are comfortable in our bodies and interpret situations literally or at face value, rather than trusting based on a concept or an ideal. A spiritual nature embodies the ability to trust in a concept or an idea, even if it’s unproven in a physical way. A physical type is often characterized by a wide, grounded stance, while a spiritual type will stand with their feet together. A physical will walk directly into a room full of people and establish themselves, while a spiritual is more likely to quietly observe before making their presence known. Spiritual types tend to be more sensitive to the feelings of others, while physicals use action as a reaction.

Quadrants and Body Type

Each of the 25 body types is born with a specific pair of these basic personality traits dominant. The combinations are physical/mental, spiritual/mental, physical/emotional and physical/mental. Here the 25 body types are shown positioned based upon their dominant innate personality traits:

Human civilization is highly suited to those with a physical/mental disposition; the polar opposite, the spiritual/emotional type, is more prone to feeling they don’t fit in as well, and of the 25 body types only two have this disposition.

The Heart body type is one of these two spiritual/emotional types. True to their name, as well as their emotional nature, Hearts exude an approachibility and a sensitivity to others that is truly heartfelt. Their amplified feelings often take them on an emotional roller coaster ride, when it appears to others they are blowing things out of proportion. When they attain inner emotional peace with self, their spiritual nature allows them to be happy regardless of physical circumstances.

Like the Heart body type, Gonadal body types (physical/emotional) are prone to being controlled by their emotions, and are also very sensitive to the feelings of others. Being more people-oriented (emotional) than task-oriented (mental), they understand when emotional support is needed and they provide it. They often pursue careers such as hairdresser or interior designer, working with others and creating physical beauty, with less of a mental focus. Gonadals are happiest when everything is light and playful, with high sexual energy which increases their physical attractiveness.

While Gonadals embody the physical aspects of their nature in a playful or sexual way, Adrenal body types (physical/mental) present more of a brute force appearance with their strong, commanding physical presence and energy. They like to mentally examine problems from multiple angles to arrive at a practical solution. They may appear to have a short attention span because once they’ve figured out a solution their alert mind wants to move on to something else and leave the details to others.

The Thyroid body type embodies the spiritual/mental type. Like the spiritual Heart body type, Thyroids are very sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others, and exhibit a strong compassion or empathy for them. Having the mental instead of the emotional characteristic allows them to be more self-sufficient emotionally, and when confrontation is needed, they can wait until they feel the time is right and will go to lengths to prepare so that the other person is not offended. Their mental nature affords the ability to study and understand complex concepts in depth.

Understanding our own nature, and the nature of those around us, helps us relate better to each other. Emotional and mental types express very differently. Physical and spiritual types approach the same problem or task differently. Learning to understand each other not only improves communication, but also helps us to expand our own recessive traits, and grow.

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